Equity Capital, LLC provides funding through its strategic partnerships to developers, giving investors access to Real Estate opportunities with small business and national brands nationwide.

We seek opportunities that offer consistent and proven results; providing a high level of protection of your principal. Our strategy is to find opportunities that fit your investment model. Our affiliated partners will navigate the entire process from any given property and assist in deal-structuring and management to sale of those assets. We believe that management from within the affiliated development company keeps the investor's best interests at the forefront. Through great customer service, our property management alliance continues to be strengthened.

We correspond regularly with our investment partners and coordinate all the necessary financial reporting and tax return generation. Reporting is extremely important in communicating the condition and health of the investment with our investors. The Equity Capital principal invests in each property to align its interests with those of our investors. The values that we base our operations on are as follows:

• Excellence         • Honesty         • Integrity

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