"We are an integrated private equity company specializing in capitalizing real estate developers. Our affiliated partners navigate the acquisition, development and repositioning of multifamily, mini storage, strip malls and build to suit properties in the fastest growing American cities."


Equity Capital, LLC harbors multiple types of investments through our affiliated partnerships. Hotels, multifamily, mini storage, build to suit as well as non-performing notes are our preferred investments. We also reposition older apartments and strip malls (these will be in select locations enhanced by a substantial community or state investment).

Through affiliated relationships, Equity Capital gives its investors a choice of which investment route to take. All of our investments are in real estate; each type has very different characteristics, which make them unique from one another. Equity Capital is a supportive partner with an exceptional management team; together Equity Capital will create substantial ROI on your investment with security of your principal at the forefront.

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